Doggyhouse Records is a records label owned by Shaggydog, a Ska band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The label has officially released their first album titled “V/A Doggybarks! Compilation Volume #1” in CD limited to 500 pieces in 4th September 2014. The cd compilation is free but it’s already gone within two week after the release date.

The cd compilation compiles 13 bands from Yogyakarta which has diversity in their musical genres, ranging from Accoustic Folk, Hardcore, Punk, Ska, Electronic, Indiepop even Hip Hop. They are: Shaggydog, Something Wrong, FSTVLST, Serigala Malam, Sangkakala, D.P.M.B, Everyday, Gerap Gurita, Morning Horny, Rabu, Summer In Vienna, WVLV, and Indigo Moon. The compilation itself combining some of the old yet famous bands with the new and lesser known bands to bring you the best of Yogyakarta’s music scene has to offer these days. All the songs was mastered by Pak Ting from 3DB in Shaggydog studio.

The launching of the album named Doggy House Records Day was succesfully done in conjunction with Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta #26, the biggest annual art festival in town. The event which was held in Plasa Pasar Ngasem, Yogyakarta put 9 bands involved in the compilation as the highlight of the day: Something Wrong, FSTVLST, Sangkakala, D.P.M.B, Gerap Gurita, Morning Horny, Rabu, Summer In Vienna and Indigo Moon.

There’s alot of potential bands coming from the area yet there are no proper local records label to promote and release their songs. We wish to put out more great bands from the area as well as widened the networking to the international music scene. We hope that in the future we can have a good collaboration in term of musical exchange.